With over a decade of experience in the product development industry we only work with the best manufacturers and fabrication houses in the world. We never compromise quality for expedience and provide our clients with realistic schedules and development feedback that allow for seamless and stress-free timelines.

Product Based Businesses for the modern Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur

Let’s not beat around the product bush – I’m like, really-good at what I do. So good, in fact that I quit my dream job in the couture fashion buying department at Neiman Marcus to build The Product Place from scratch. See, I’ve had this calling– I’ve been in the product industry for almost 15 years, I’ve launched Rum brands, leather jackets, wrinkle-proof serums, and even kid’s shoes (Omg you can not even imagine the cuteness of the fit models), so when I was faced with corporate or bust, I doubled down on what I know I could replicate for babes like you—designing and shipping products all around the world...and I Fu*king love it. 

Product Savant and your newest Hype Woman

Meet the founder — alia oneal

what would you attempt in 2022 if you knew you would not fail? Asking for a friend. it us. we're the friend.

You wish you had a co-founder to give you the product-biz support you know you need. 

You're kinda crushing the product thing but logistics like shipping are keeping you up at night?

Your service-based biz is going gang-busters but you're clueless on products?

you started on this journey because you were passionate about creating the next big thing, now you're questioning every move. 

Are you tired of making wild guesses about products? 

Product-based businesses are hard, we make them simple.

100% Custom curriculums built to suit your exact product based business needs. Perfect for all stages of entrepreneurship. 

One on One Consulting & service

Master the product development industry with our three levels of education. Take them as you need them or complete the full system over 2 years. MBA in products anyone? 


Outsource your fulfillment years before you planned to with our flat rate shipping model and our Dallas, TX facility. 

Shipping + Logistics

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How to budget for a product based business launch in 2022

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the five step process to building a product based biz like a pro

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