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what would you attempt in 2022 if you knew you would not fail? Asking for a friend. it us. we're the friend.

BESPOKE X TPP  is the team, the management, the resources and the plan few have, but many need.

Our premium BESPOKE X TPP experience is exclusively reserved for the aspiring product-based business founder looking for a full turnkey service to bring their dream hero product to life all the way through shipping your product to customers. We use our proprietary five phase system to develop your dreams and deliver your product to the world. We could go on and on and tell you how amazing it is, but if you're really a fit for this service you do not have time to read all of that. So, we made you a list including just some of what you'll have access to when you go the case study route... 

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we reinvented soup to nuts 













We have been a speaker at 3 events before we decided to start our podcast!


We've traveled to all the continents and the north still holds our hearts.


Our pup Murphy is liiiiiife! He may even make an appearance on the pod!


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is this a program or a done for you service? 

Financial confidence

Gone are the days of money squandering and hoping and wishing. The Bespoke x TPP process is designed to distance savvy entrepreneurs from shiny disasters. Schedule a “Next-Steps” call with us to unlock the funding-ready process we use to get your product built and selling all before you invest your own money in major purchase orders. Your financial guru will thank you.  

real industry pros 

The bespoke team is made up of highly experienced industry professionals who have all entered entrepreneurship on the wings of a decade of mastering tiger craft. We were not only the go to minds in our fields but are now the sought after entrepreneurs building your favorite brands globally. Check out the “Who” section below and dive into our LinkedIn profiles for the receipts. 

unlimited co-founder vibes 

Do you ever feel like you would be so much farther along if you had someone in your corner who just GOT IT? Yeah, me too. Hi, Alia here, I am the founder of a Multi-6 Figure agency with a brick and mortar facility in Dallas, I know all about crazing a like-minded human to make my next idea great. I’ll personally have your back via slack and bi-weekly calls the entire time. 

unbeatable momentum

The funny thing about starting something new is that no matter how committed you may be to your success it’s easy to lose your momentum when you’re unsure of next steps, one expert’s ear short, or get hit with a surprising obstacle. What we’re offering you with the Bespoke x TPP experience is a direct path to a profitable and fulfilling finish line. 

Babe, so glad you asked. Each year (twice if we are feeling spicy) we open our Done-For-You Service development doors to badass entrepreneurs who just "need to get it launched already". In exchange for letting us document the journey and create a case study of your brand being built, we reduce our development rates by almost 70% and provide you with all the juicy access for an affordable serial entrepreneur vibe and budget. -- this package is 100% Done-For-Your Fabulous ass.  

You thrive. We Thrive

100% done for you

100% done for you and private container

im ready to meet + talk it out

let's do it!

here's an overview of how our magic is going to create your dream product biz


Join us in person at the Dallas warehouse or virtually as your product is received to our Fulfillment center and your very first order is shipped out to your customers. 



If Bespoke x TPP is a good fit for you and your product based business goals, we'll get to work right away with our proprietary 5-phase development system that will start with strategy and innovation and close with you getting set up at our Dallas facility for ecommerce Fulfillment –all included in Bespoke. 



We only take 15 Bespoke clients per 365 days, so it's important that we meet, and all agree that TPP is the best option for you. Meet with our CEO, Alia Oneal to see if this is a good fit for your product biz vision. 


If you are a motivated, get it done entrepreneur, but you just don't have the time, patience, or resources, to build and manage an entirely new team for your product based biz; bespoke x tpp  is gonna rock your world.

You consider yourself a serial entreprenuer and products are next

you're ready to invest in a team you can trust 

you've been sitting on a product idea for over 6 months with no action yet

You're tired of watching your peers launch product businesses when you're idea is way better and you're ready to get in on the action

is bespoke x tpp right for you?

this is not for everyone 

Work with the expert TPP team to create your custom product specifications that we'll use to start development. 

everything included with 

take a peak

You'll jump into a 30-day strategy container to lay the groundwork for your brand, budget, and big-picture. Worried about cash? you can take our business plans to the bank...(literally).

Business plan + return on investment projection kit

proffessional product design + spec sheets

A completely custom branding identity and brand voice kit. Logos, patterns, colors, oh my! 


Start with initial prototypes of your product and make iterative round of changes with your factory until everything's just right. 

product manufacturing

Your custom product will be paired with equally bespoke packaging design as well as three different styles of brand merchandise. Viral #unboxing here you come.

packaging + swag design

Start to prepare for presales based on your final samples with a custom designed Shopify website, a product photo + video shoot. 


Any  successful product-based business has a strong foundation of operations and business processes. We'll custom develop your back end for you. 

Business Operations set up

Onboard to our Dallas Ecommerce fulfillment facility where we'll organize your inventory and handle everything from tracking numbers to hand-written notes. 

Ecommerce fulfillment

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"Prior to partnering with TPP, I felt my ideas were not being heard. Upon my initial meeting with Alia, I felt 100% confident in my decision to move forward. Having a one-stop-shop to meet all of my product development needs while providing expert advice throughout the process was a great relief!"

chantelle lott | concept c three

Here at The Product Place we only work with the best. The world’s best manufacturers, mills, fragrance houses, and logistics partners. The same goes for our industry pros. We are pleased to partner with The Bemused Studio and Chelsea Coolsaet to bring you this totally unique, never-been-done-before, out of this world (thank you Gaga), Done-For-You service package. We are all extremely excited about bringing your vision to life! 


alia oneal
founder + lead developer, the product place

lauren devane
founder + creative director, the bemused studio

chelsea coolsaet + co-founder, rocking bird

12 years industry experience

15 years industry experience

15 years industry experience

Bespoke x TPP is a done for you, completely one on one service. Over the course of 7months you’ll work closely with a team of executors who will build your product-based business for you. We’ll handle everything from the strategy, research and business planning, to the manufacturer convos, sampling, and a wicked cool brand identity and website to match. Once we’re done you’ll have a live business open for pre-sales. Hint Hint…. This is exactly what banks and investors need to see to fund your dream. They call it proof-of-concept we call it just being smart AF. 


While we can’t reveal all the magical razzle dazzle that makes our Bespoke system sing in a few lines. We can tell you it is a tried-and-true milestone and team-based system that only works because of the experienced experts that run the show for you. In short, we take 7 months to build an entire product-based business that you can launch and start taking presales against, all before you invest in your product orders…genius. Book a call with us or a free strategy session to see if it’s a good fit for you. 


The Bespoke service is executed over five phases, and a minimum timeline of 7 months. We’ll be taking new clients through the Bespoke x TPP system as soon as June 2022. Interested in learning more? Book a “next-Steps” call to walk through your product idea and how it could come to life before the end of the year.  


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Too often aspiring product-based business founders launch backwards; They spend too much money creating minimum viable products, with minimum budget branding and strategy, and then wonder why they feel stressed and distant from the realities of their next steps. How will they pay for the product? How are they going to get sales? When will they get their investment back? With Bespoke we execute world-class products, with immensely desirable branding, and we pair that with a scalable Pre-Sell system that allows you, the founder, to have your customers, fund their own orders. It’s a revolutionary blend you’ve got to learn more about here.  


The package will be executed mostly virtually. You’ll be in touch on a daily basis with your project Manager at The Product Place, based in Dallas, However, the extended crew would love to have you visit us in Dallas, for working sessions. Primarily your Product Design and Brand Inspiration Dedicated Days. 


It just won’t be worth it to the buyer or you anymore. Whether it’s because someone beat you to it or the tech evolved or whether it’s because their lives have changed or society’s moved on, you need to strike while the iron is hot.

Technology will evolve. We’ve seen how quickly technology can solve issues that took humans decades to figure out. If your product idea might at all be affected by some sort of technology, the time to act is now.

Someone’s going to beat you to it. Your idea might be incredibly unique, but statistically, someone around the world has come up with something similar. And they might be moving faster.

As product development experts, we can confidently tell you that if you wait another 6 months to begin this process, there’s a chance you’ll miss out completely. We see it happen all the time and it usually comes down to one of these three things:

Pretty soon, your million-dollar idea isn’t going to be worth a million dollars.

Let’s not beat around the product bush – I’m like, really-good at what I do. So good, in fact that I quit my dream job in the couture fashion buying department at Neiman Marcus to build The Product Place from scratch. See, I’ve had this calling– I’ve been in the product industry for almost 15 years, I’ve launched Rum brands, leather jackets, wrinkle-proof serums, and even kid’s shoes (Omg you can not even imagine the cuteness of the fit models), so when I was faced with corporate or bust, I doubled down on what I know I could replicate for babes like you—designing and shipping products all around the world...and I Fu*king love it. 

Product Savant and your newest Hype Woman

Meet the founder — alia oneal