Our 1:1 Consulting is reserved for high-level focus and impact to improve existing product businesses and to get new ideas off to the right start.

Chief Product Officer

a personalized co-founder experience

You've got product problems and no time to waste!

You're looking for a custom solution to product problems.  

Hey friend, we see you...

We thought long and hard about what we wanted The Product Place consulting services to look like. Retainers didn’t provide the small business autonomy that we’re passionate about supporting, and VIP days surely didn’t allow for enough impact when it comes to the life cycle of this product world. So, after 18months of trial and pivot, we bring to you Chief Product Officer (CPO). CPO is a unique hybrid of coaching, consulting, done for your services, and accountability. We took the bullshit templates, and cookie-cutter solutions out of the One-on-One experience and created a system that is by design 100% custom to the solutions you are looking for right now.
It’s the cofounder you always dreamed of plus 15 years’ experience. 













We have been a speaker at 3 events before we decided to start our podcast!


We've traveled to all the continents and the north still holds our hearts.


Our pup Murphy is liiiiiife! He may even make an appearance on the pod!


Fun Details

If you are a motivated, get it done entrepreneur, but you just need a little extra help figuring out how all the pieces fit together, our chief product officer service is the fuck yes blueprint you've been looking for!

You want an expert vetted product plan

You've hit a development wall and have a sourcing or design hang up 

you've been sitting on a product idea for over 1 year with no action yet

You're tired of watching your peers launch product businesses when you're idea is way better and you're ready to get in on the action

Is CPO right for ME?

you might be wondering...

Ah shipping. The ever elusive all important last step of the product journey--let's crush it! 


Do they want it or do they need it? The psychology of products is a mountain you'll want to climb. 

Sales Psychology

Where do your customers expect to see your product? Target or Nieman's? No wrong answers here. 


We love a hero product based business...but don't forget about campaigns and GWPs

Product Suites

Products have long lead times that's why planning and project management is so important!


The typical product based business juggles 12- 15 vendors at any one time.

Supply Chain

Do you know your gross margin inside and out? What about your COGS? Mhmm we thought so... 

Numbers + Data

Did you know that 90% of problems in a business stem from bad offers? 

Your Idea

to help you conceptualize and strategize:

Just a few topics your CPO can help you with

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Here is what you get when you choose to go the CPO route:

Connect with Alia on a dedicated 6 Hour day PLUS a Housekeeping Orientation call. On your special day we'll comb through big picture ideas, obstacles, and opportunities so Alia can create a custom 30 day curriculum for you. 

Dedicated 6-Hour Day

Inclusion No.1

30 Days of Slack access to work through your curriculum PLUS weekly 90-min strategy sessions. 

One on One Support 

Inclusion No.2

Once your day is a wrap you'll give us 48 hours to create a 100% custom 30-day curriculum for you. We'll present it, tweak based on your thoughts, and get to work! 

Custom Curriculum

Inclusion No.3

Every CPO 30 Day container contains a minimum of 3 major milestones and deliverables of done for you work. Collect them, implement them, thrive on your own...forever. 


Inclusion No.4

Take your new product invigoration into the wild with the 100% action guide you'll get on our last day. 




Once your custom curriculum is locked in it will be time to get to work. You'll have 25 hrs a week of Slack access and a One on One 90 min call each week to execute your CPO activities



A few days later you'll jump into a dedicated 6-Hr VIP day where your CPO will work one on one with you to craft a 100% custom 30 day curriculum. This is what you'll be working through and achieving in the next step. 



Once you sign up you'll receive some thought provoking questionnaires that will fine tune topics of interest for the most impactful support. 


In just  4 short weeks  you'll have received and executed to a 100% custom curriculum with your CPO. 

The secret is our simple 4 step system

"You'll mostly be mad at yourself that you didn't find her sooner. Working with Alia even for 30-days solved 2 years of insecurity with my product based business. We're up 42% to LY...it's been 6 days since CPO ended."

what our cpo members said:

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CPO is not a good fit for you if your focus is Facebook Ads conversions, Marketing campaigns, or Influencer marketing. here at TPP we focus on back end development and logistics--the foundations that your marketing is built on. 

what is cpo not a good fit for?

J-Adore this for you. This is an acceptable use of the CPO container. Your VIP day will be dedicated to getting to know you and your curriculum will be dedicated to innovating your idea to make it better plus creating a detailed action plan + budget for your launch. 

what if I dont have a product idea yet, but want one?

Umm YES, we love this. CPO is a true accelerator program that is super specific to your business or idea. So we 100% insist that if you have any stakeholders who are invested in your success--they join us and learn with you. 

can i have my partner or assistant join sessions?

Sorry it's a no for us...for now. We've run a few tests and the thing is products just require a longer integration time than other services like graphic design or copywriting. While we're good...we may not be able to create a supply chain in just 1 day. 

what if I only want to do the vip day

The Chief Product Officer package will require you to completely engross yourself with your CPO. It is likely that we will say good morning and good night each day, similar to the relationship you would have with a co-founder when getting your brand launched.

What is my time commitment ?

You'll start off with a 6 Hour VIP day -- this is by design, required and fantastic. Then you'll unlock your curriculum to be worked on thru M-Friday 9am-4pm CST Slack, plus 90-Min of one on one conference per week. Total Access Opportunity: 146 hrs / month 

how much access do i get to alia 

don't worry, we have the answers!

You Might have Some questions

You need to be reinvigorated and refreshed -- sometimes that takes a new perspective. "Hi" --it us. 

You need absolute mastery of the logistics and financials of your business. 

You need big picture planning that's rooted in product based business best practices. 

We've been there - we know your struggle

Unsure of what you need to change to increase your product confidence and decrease your overwhelm?

Let’s not beat around the product bush – I’m like, really-good at what I do. So good, in fact that I quit my dream job in the couture fashion buying department at Neiman Marcus to build The Product Place from scratch. See, I’ve had this calling– I’ve been in the product industry for almost 15 years, I’ve launched Rum brands, leather jackets, wrinkle-proof serums, and even kid’s shoes (Omg you can not even imagine the cuteness of the fit models), so when I was faced with corporate or bust, I doubled down on what I know I could replicate for babes like you—designing and shipping products all around the world...and I Fu*king love it. 

Product Savant and your newest Hype Woman

Meet the founder — alia oneal

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