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what's the differenece between dropshipping and vertical development?

Unlock the top five questions industries pros master to  build vertical, custom and scalable fashion lines, accessories brands, and lifestyle business for some of your favorite product based brands. You don't need years of experience, you need answers. 

What you'll learn

Take a look at

how much cash do you need for vertical development?

what is a pre-sell and how does it work?

why is a hero Product based business the most profitable?

what does the product development process look like?

The Bottle Girl Collective 

Kelli Robertson

I've been really stubborn with my product business journey. I spent 3 years googling before I actually invested. Then I invested, lost $20,000, and THEN I got this download and it all clicked. Instantly. Trust me, you don't know what you don't know...and it's free. 

This is fifty minutes of pure, unfu*ck-up-able gold.