Upgrade your ecommerce workflow by outsourcing all of your inventory management, shipping, and tracking number drama to our Dallas, TX warehouse.

Fulfillment x TPP

a boutique and luxury shipping experience

product all good but need help shipping, like...yesterday?

you've got product in every nook and cranny of your home ...and where the F is your u.p.s pickup?

Hey friend, we feel you...

Remember the days when you would get so excited to print that label? You'd rush over to your Dymo, make sure the 4 X 6 sizing was all ready to go and wait for that whirring of the printer to kick in. A label was born.
But now-a-days orders are just a tad too regular (a good thing by the way), and a touch too time consuming. You are a founder after all -- How are you supposed to scale the business and ship the business at the same time, anyway (serious question, let us know if you've figured this out)? Allow us to introduce you to Fulfilment x TPP a Third-Party Logistics solution dedicated to fulfilling customer orders and providing scalable inventory management solutions for small-ish product based-businesses just like yours. We ship your product out of our Dallas, TX warehouse and provide propietary software solutions so you can stay in the know every step of the way. It's shipping like you would do it  -- but you're not doing it. 













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Fun Details

If you are a motivated, get it done entrepreneur, but you just need a little HELP in the picking and packing and tracking numbers galore area, our fulfillment X TPP service is the f-yes outsource you've been looking for!

You're shipping is taking up a bit too much of your space and time

You have (on average) less than 1000 orders per month. 

you would be willing to spend one entire (virtual) day onboarding to our dallas warehouse 

You're tired of not being able to make life plans becAUse your shipping is keeping you tied to your door for pickups

Is Fulfillment X tpp  right for ME?

you might be wondering...

Here is what you get when you choose Fulfillment X tpp:

Connect with the warehouse on a dedicated 6 Hour Onboarding day (sometimes it only takes 2 but we like to be prepared) dedicated to the successful data sync up of your products to our warehouse

Dedicated 6-Hour Day

Inclusion No.1

Ongoing Slack access with your dedicated Picker and Packer, they are a bit like your own personal shipping professional here in Dallas. 

daily team access

Inclusion No.2

At the end of every month we'll provide you with a comprehensive list of every single order that went out, all of the tracking numbers and the cost of each order + quarterly inventory snapshots.

monthly reporting

Inclusion No.3

Every client of the warehouse services has their own personal inventory tool that can be accessed at any time. You can pull sales reports, see inbound inventory, even automatically write POs to your vendors when your stock get's low. 

24 /7 data management

Inclusion No.4

Not only will you totally get your freedom back (hello again date nights) but on averaage we save our clients 5 hours per week in commuting or waiting for pickups and drops offs.  

pickups & dropoffs

picking & packing

Depending on the size of your business you may spend even more time doing the core activity of picking and packing your orders up for customers...on average we save our clients 5-7 hours per week. 

Admin Decisions

Between all the outstanding vendor emails, upcoming sales and even out of stock items who has time to create automated reporting and systems to stay on top of their product onhands...on average we save our clients 2 hours per week when making admin decisions. 

organizing  packing materials

The tape, the labels, the boxes, your stamp, that sticker, the thank you card... on average we save our clients 1 hour per week in packing material organization. 

On average our fulfillment x tpp clients save 15-20 hours per week in their product based businesses by outsourcing fulfillment. 

do you really need this now?

5 hours per week

5-7 hours per week

2 hours per week

1 hr per week

HOw much $$$ could you save in va and software with an integrated solution?

"10/10. I recommend TPP to everyone who will listen."

katie davis, sad shop co. 

The Lifecycle of your product in our warehouse

why fulfillment matters

You can launch a new business, promote it with your dream marketing team, have a thoughtful and converting website, and an amazing mission. But, without an exceptional process for the actual fulfillment of those coveted orders, you can lose customers faster than you can find them.

Your product isn’t just a box in a row. It’s a carefully crafted idea bomb that is out in the world ready for customers to enjoy and we take that very seriously. As the creator you can look ahead to what’s next while we handle the time-consuming logistics of your business. 

Fulfillment X TPP is not a good fit if your brand is doing over 1000 orders a month, or if you have more than 100 different styles you ship. Really close to that 1000 orders mark? Let's chat about it. 

who is this not a good fit for?

FUN! Yes-- pre-launched brands are a perfect fit for our bespoke services. 

What if my product/ brand has not launched yet --can i still sign up?

Only our most favorite thing ever. E-Commerce fulfillment is the process of packing up orders that your customers place online and shipping it out to them. We pride ourselves on being a concierge service that can deliver packages world-wide that are just as beautiful as the product inside.

wait. lol. wtf is "fulfillment"? 

Totally cool by us. During your onboarding we'll go over in detail how many styles you want us to manage and ship for you. Just remember shipping some from us and some from you may mean you are paying 2x the shipping cost on an order....

what if I only want you to ship some of my styles?

Not a problem. We are fully equipped to accommodate modest to Big Box Retailer size wholesale orders. The processes are the same but if the order is really big we may ask for a bit of a heads-up. Wholesale orders typically ship within 48 business hours. 

what about my wholesale orders? 

Ew. No. Gross. Absolutely not. We will not be replacing any of your processes, we just might need to add a few along the way so that what you have painstakingly built translates over to warehouse life seamlessly. Things like pretty confirmation emails will work the same way with us as they do now. 

do i have to change anything about my customer experience?

don't worry, we have the answers!

You Might have Some questions

Access to your client portal for 24/7 inventory updates

Re-Order reminders

Same day picking and shipping of all orders placed before 2pm CST with the carrier of your choice

2-Day delivery options to keep you competitive

Influencer Campaign Management

International import of your product as needed

National trucking services to move large loads and pallets

this is what you need..you may just not know you need it yet

Logistics (shipping stuff) services we offer all of our fulfillment x tpp clients


picking and packing

inventory management

*Additional fees such as additional Storage, The Cost of Your Labels, Or Extra Services you request during the month will apply and are outlined in a contract upon sign up.

per month


50 - 100 skus

Slack M-F, 9-4pm CST

Same Day shipping before 2pm CST

90 Minutes of Logistics Strategy consulting every quarter

Ship up to 500 orders a month with no additional fee

per month


2 - 49 skus

one time onboarding fee of $1500

This is an application only service. we are currently onboarding january 2022 start dates

Slack M-F, 9-4pm CST 

Same Day shipping before 2pm CST

90 Minutes of Logistics Strategy consulting every quarter

Ship up to 500 orders a month with no additional fee



Slack M-F, 9-4pm CST

Same Day shipping before 2pm CST

90 Minutes of Logistics Strategy consulting every quarter

Ship up to 500 orders a month with no additional fee

per month


1 hero sku