Bring your Product-Based Business aspirations back to center stage with the premier educational tool for product-based business success. 

Product 24 x TPP

a revolution in product business education

24 live lessons
24 impactful days
24 months to get it done

24 live lessons on product-based- business


24 months access to revist and execute at your speed

24 hours of one on one support (vip day) when you join by March 31, 2022

take the next twenty-four days to fill in all the "idk" gaps and unlock your next level in entreprenuership...
products, baby, products!

finally take massive action and breathe new informed life into your product biz dreams.

And we do it all in just 24 Days --that's less time than it takes to get a 1st prototype back from a factory. See you're learning already! 

Product24 is a fast-reward executive development training that helps you master the process of building a product-based business while giving you the tactics you need to refine, develop, and launch your first Product-line.

→ It includes hours of training on product and business development from The Product Place founder, Alia Oneal... but it’s not just another course you’ll only get halfway through.

→ Its accelerated challenge style delievery almost guarantees it will be the first online program you actually complete in full--which matters when you're learning something new.

→ Its focus isn't lofty transformational life-change, but practical and tactical education you need as a foundational starting point. 

say no more - i'm fckin in!

PRODUCT24 is like nothing you’ve seen before.

But the truth is once you master the process you'll be giving serial-product founder vibes sooner than you think. 

Product based-businesses get a rep for being crazy complicated and overly opulent.

It doesn't have to mean a huge cash injection.

It doesn't have to mean a whole new team. 

It definitely doesn't have to mean that you have to kill, table, or de-prioritize your uber successful service-based businesses. 

And it certainly doesn't mean less free time for the things you love.

Scoping out your totally custom product-based-business should be one of the low-risk, super-fun, hyper-fulfilling things you do this year. 

You could throw away valuable development dollars on quick wins or bandage solutions.

And hey, you could keep at it. You could keep trying to piece this process together with free webinars you find on the 10th page of Google. You could do your own market research to get a bunch of data you don’t know how to apply.

You could try to hire a reliable product engineer off Upwork and you could rely on your former roommate’s younger brother to help with design. You could try to nail down your brand aesthetic through hours-long scroll sessions on Instagram and Pinterest.

Let’s be honest: Trying to create and launch a product on your own is a “cool in concept, exhausting in practice” choice that statistically results in multiple years and thousands of dollars wasted.

Owning a fully functional product-based business (that’s been validated by industry experts)

Understanding what goes into selling a powerful product (and how to make it work for you)

The proffessional-grade process of product development (so you can repeat it over and over again)

Confidently validating a product idea that the market actually wants to buy now not 5 years ago

Or you could commit to spending one month learning what you don't know so you can truly be masterful at : 

In your final phase you'll be working through mastering the back end necessities, like wholesale business, transportation, fulfillment and projections. 




Learn how to plan your production pathway and financially forecast your investment including importing, manufacturing packaging design, and the vital prototype process. 


Validate + Design

This is the phase that 100% of the googling is going to skip over. Designing and drafting your product is critical to saving thousands or tens of thousands when it comes to the following stages or production. Trust.



We'll start with the 3 types of product-based businesses and which is right for you and then you'll learn how to differentiate your product line in a meaningful way by refining the business model, technologies, and the user base. 


In just  4 short weeks  you'll have learned an entire five-phase launch process you can duplicate infinitely

the top 24 things you need to know


Work through all of the consumer facing assets of a product based business. Think website, branding, converting copy and pre-sell pages. Here is your opportunity to tell the story visually.



You know there is a lot you don't know and need to know before you invest in the idea

You need fast, actionable advice and momentum so you can gather the data, make a decision and move forward

You want some clarity and need the big picture unlocked but you dont have time for another 6 month course

And the more you learn about product development, the more you feel like the new kid on your first day at school:


i've got some questions...

love this for me, but...

But ofcourse!! You don't think we're gonna hang out for a month and not have a face to face with you do you? Each student will get a 60-min hotseat with Alia to go over any questions and specifics. Students also receive discounted VIP pricing for working with The Product Place. 

Will I get any one on one support? 

We love a lifetime learner! Listen, chances are if you're even on this page, you are really feeling the pains of "not  knowing what you don't know". Product 24 will be a great fast-paced refresher for you to reset and realign your business back-end and fill in some of those gaps you skipped over when you went live.

What if I already have a product-based business?

In your hands, no. On paper, yes!  The purpose of the P24 curriculum is to give you a proven plan of attack. Think of this 24-day challenge as condensed bachelors degree... You're going to master the basics for each of the vital 24 steps to the "building a product based biz" process. Our goal is to show you the entire system so you can feel confident on what comes first, second, third and....24th. Once you know what it's gonna take to launch, only then can you reasonably make an informed decison about what's next for you and your product idea...are we wrong? 

Will I have a live product based business at the end of this? 

Our Signature System for Building a Product Based Biz in an action packed 24-Day Challenge!

here's how it works

a $10,000 Value 

Straight from the Founders mouth! Learn the ins and out's of the top pieces of information you need to know, asap! 

24 Impactful Lessons


a $5497 value

Receive access to a LinkedIn community with all of the other founders. Why LinkedIn? Join us to find out! 
You'll also receive a one on one private Hotseat call with Alia (60 minutes) as well as VIP pricing for more support. 

1:1 Support 


priceless cuz friends!

Here at TPP we don't do communities often, but the P24 system is a unique opportunity to get to know a group of aspiring founders who are in the exact same place you are. Everyone's on an NDA. Everyone's awesome. Everyone wins. Who knows you may even find your co-founder inside! 

Pop-Up Community of Peers


If this excites you rather than terrifies you, you’re exactly who PRODUCT24 is made for.

The product development market moves fast, and you have to be willing to move with it.

Technology will evolve. We’ve seen how quickly technology can solve issues that took humans decades to figure out. If your product idea might at all be affected by some sort of technology, the time to act is now.
It just won't ever happen. Life moves fast, sometimes too fast. Think back, how many times have you felt inspired to start and then lost the momentum? No momentum, no millions. 

As product development experts, we can confidently tell you that if you wait another 6 months to begin this process, there’s a chance you’ll miss out completely. We see it happen all the time and it usually comes down to one of these three things:
Someone’s going to beat you to it. Your idea might be incredibly unique, but statistically, someone around the world has come up with something similar. And they might be moving faster.

Pretty soon, your million-dollar idea isn’t going to be worth a million dollars.

Real talk...

There is no doubt that faster development yields a stronger return on investment (both dollars and time). In products it is even more true because you are actually racing to market. 
Unlike service based businesses the Founder's experience or personality has little weight when the consumer considers which product best solves their problem. With our education, you can get to them sooner as a viable option. 


The number one mistake high-functioning entrepreneurs make when they are transitioning into the product space is investing too soon in the wrong things. 
For example, did you know that placing a sample order is one of the last things you do in the process? 
On average our clients save $25,000 per year working with The Product Place versus DIYing it. That's a lot of capital in the wrong direction.... 


What makes PRODUCT24 unique is that it isn't all about WHAT you learn, it's about HOW you learn it. 
As you'll understand once you're a product founder next year, the decisions you make aren't necessarily hard, but they are often urgent and tied to super complicated milestones, phase gates, and dependencies. That's why we prioritize the system and the project management --both are critical to your success. 


PRODUCT24 is a true accelerator. Our goal is to accelerate your education in the product development industry not only so you can have a powerful and impactful business, but so you can not need us for the next one. 
That's right, our intention with this education is to fuel you so impactfully with education that the next time you think up a great product you have far less barriers to launch it. 


the four pillars of PRODUCT24

24 Units Core Curriculum

LinkedIn Founder Community

24 Month Membership

60-Min 1:1 Hotseat

per month, 6 months


6-month plan

24 Units Core Curriculum

LinkedIn Founder Community

24 Month Membership

60-Min 1:1 Hotseat

per month, 3 months


3-mointh plan

three investment options for products your way, now.

Choose your payment option!

24 Units Core Curriculum 

LinkedIn Founder Community
24 Month Membership 

60-Min 1:1 Hotseat

one time 


pay in full

Let’s not beat around the product bush – I’m like, really-good at what I do. So good, in fact that I quit my dream job in the couture fashion buying department at Neiman Marcus to build The Product Place from scratch. See, I’ve had this calling– I’ve been in the product industry for almost 15 years, I’ve launched Rum brands, leather jackets, wrinkle-proof serums, and even kid’s shoes (Omg you can not even imagine the cuteness of the fit models), so when I was faced with corporate or bust, I doubled down on what I know I could replicate for babes like you—designing and shipping products all around the world...and I Fu*king love it. 

Product Savant and your newest Hype Woman

Meet the founder — alia oneal