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You’re trying to figure out how to add products into your offer line-up (or maybe how to start a completely separate product-focused biz).

And the more you learn about product development, the more you feel like the new kid on your first day at school:

But now, you’re up against something new. 

When it comes to running a service-based business, you’ve got it under control.

As a seasoned entrepreneur, you already know what it takes to run a successful, profitable business. You’ve nailed down what it takes to retain your customer base. You’ve figured out how to balance sales and cash flow with payroll and expenses. 

Definitely nervous about what you’re getting yourself into

Lost in a labyrinth of prototypes and pricing

Overwhelmed by how much you don’t even know that you don’t know

A little intimidated by how easy it seems for those product founders you follow on Instagram (ahem, key word: seems)

Now, since this isn’t your first go at owning your own business, you’ve probably already tried to DIY, right? But the “build the plane in the air” approach just hasn’t quite worked out.

Or you could hire a full-service product development agency (ahem, hi) to do it all for you. (It’s a seriously great option...if you have upwards of 6 figures in available capital to devote to the process.) 

You could throw away valuable development dollars on quick wins or bandage solutions.

And hey, you could keep at it. You could keep trying to piece this process together with free webinars you find on the 10th page of Google. You could do your own market research to get a bunch of data you don’t know how to apply.

You could try to hire a reliable product engineer off Craigslist and you could rely on your former roommate’s younger brother to help with design. You could try to nail down your brand aesthetic through hours-long scroll sessions on Instagram and Pinterest.

Let’s be honest: Trying to create and launch a product on your own is a “cool in concept, exhausting in practice” choice that statistically results in multiple years and thousands of dollars wasted.

Owning a fully functional product-based business (that’s been validated by industry experts

Understanding what goes into selling a powerful product (and how to make it work for you)

Mastering the process of product development (so you can repeat it over and over again)

Confidently validating a product idea that the market actually wants to buy now not 5 years ago

But instead, what if you could go from where you are now — an aspiring product founder with a great idea — to...

And we do it all in just 6 - 12 months --that's less time than your last offer took to launch and sell. 

POWER PRODUCT is an elite executive development program that helps you start your first product-based business and refine, develop, and launch your first Power Product.

→ It includes hours of training on product and business development from The Product Place founder, Alia Oneal... but it’s not just another course you’ll only get halfway through.

POWER PRODUCT is like nothing you’ve seen before.

→ It offers access to done-for-you services from our product development agency... but it’s not a costly done-for-you service.

→ It gives you hours of high-level, individualized consulting from industry experts... but it’s not a coaching program that focuses more on transformation than tactics.

say no more - i want to apply

But the truth is once you master the process you can repeat the wins again and again just like those other skillsets you've mastered.

Product based-businesses get a wrap for being crazy complicated and overly opulent.

It doesn't have to mean, a huge cash injection.

It doesn't have to mean a whole new team. 

It definitely doesn't have to mean that you have to kill, table, or de-prioritize your uber successful service-based businesses. 

And it certainly doesn't mean less free time for the things you love.

Building your totally custom product-based-business should be one of the low-risk, super-fun, hyper-fulfilling things you do this year. 

If this excites you rather than terrifies you, you’re exactly who POWER PRODUCT is made for.

The product development market moves fast, and you have to be willing to move with it.

Technology will evolve. We’ve seen how quickly technology can solve issues that took humans decades to figure out. If your product idea might at all be affected by some sort of technology, the time to act is now.
It just won't ever happen. Life moves fast, sometimes too fast. Think back, how many times have you felt inspired to start and then lost the momentum? No momentum, no millions. 

As product development experts, we can confidently tell you that if you wait another 6 months to begin this process, there’s a chance you’ll miss out completely. We see it happen all the time and it usually comes down to one of these three things:
Someone’s going to beat you to it. Your idea might be incredibly unique, but statistically, someone around the world has come up with something similar. And they might be moving faster.

Pretty soon, your million-dollar idea isn’t going to be worth a million dollars.

Real talk...

a business accelerator, executive development program, project management framework, and product development course all rolled into one.

Power Product


Power Product is a comprehensive development program. By keeping up with your lessons and your launch timeline, you will be ready to pre-sell your Power Product by the end of the program. But a little one-on-one support never hurts!

POWER PRODUCT includes individual consulting and access to services usually reserved for our done-for-you clients.

There is no doubt that faster development yields a stronger return on investment (both dollars and time). In products it is even more true because you are actually racing to market. 
Unlike service based businesses the Founder's experience or personality has little weight when the consumer considers which product best solves their problem. With our 6-month process you'll be available to them sooner. 


The number one mistake high-functioning entrepreneurs make when they are transitioning into the product space is investing too soon in the wrong things. 
For example, did you know that placing a sample order is one of the last things you do in the process? 
On average our clients save $25,000 per year working the Power Product method versus DIYing it. That's a lot of capital in the wrong direction.... 


What makes Power Product unique is that it isn't all about WHAT you learn, it's about WHEN you learn it. 
As you'll understand once you're a product founder next year, the decisions you make aren't necessarily hard, but they are often urgent and tied to super complicated milestones, phase gates, and dependencies. That's why we prioritize the system and the project management --both are critical to your success. 


Power Product is a true accelerator. Our goal is to accelerate your education in the product development industry not only so you can have a powerful and impactful launch, but so you can not need us for the next one. 
That's right, our intention with this education is to fuel you so impactfully with education that the next time you think up a great product you have far less barriers to launch it. 


What you are going to learn

Concept C Three

Chantelle Lott

Prior to partnering with the TPP, I felt my ideas were not being heard. Upon my initial meeting with Alia, I felt 100% confident in my decision to move forward. Having a one-stop-shop to meet all of my product development needs while providing expert advice throughout the process was a great relief!

Glad you asked. A Power Product is something that changes the game. It’s a single product that’s innovative, unique, profitable, and, of course, powerful. It’s a product that turns heads, inspires loyalty, wins endorsements, and maaaybe even becomes a household name.
A Power Product is the thing that’ll take you from an entrepreneur with an idea to a fully fledged product founder in record time.

the "easy yes" product that will announce your arrival as a product founder. 

What is a "Power Product", anyway?


Feel more confident in your investment by completing over 17 different exercises dedicated to validate not only the product's viability, but your sanity as a new product based business founder. 

Create core documents like a competitive analysis, target audience, and company values and vision documents that will separate your venture from the flash in the pan IG brands.

Learn how to differentiate your product line in a meaningful way by refining the business model, technologies, and the user base. 

You'll have a suite of tools at your disposal, including one on one strategy sessions to refine your product concept. Already have an idea, great, let's make it 10 times better for an even bigger launch day. 

This is where you narrow down your great ideas into a POWER product. 


phase one


Create a complete ordering budget using a proprietary dashboard called The ISC (this thing replaces OBMs). This one-sheeter will keep track of all the components of your launch as well as pricing so you know how much you're spending.

Outline the features, benefits and objections of your product so that you can more intentionally develop and highlight different components during the next phase. 

Create your product requirements documents and technical packages. These are the actual documents that the factory is going to need to begin to sample effectively. 

This is the phase that 100% of the googling is going to skip over. Designing and drafting your product is critical to saving thousands or tens of thousands when it comes to the following stages or production. Trust. 

Let's be so clear on what we're launching that building it is a breeze. 

Design + Draft

phase 2


Plan your production pathway and financially forecast your investment including international import fees, customs, and even packaging federal packaging requirements as needed. 

Master the prototyping process from initial material swatch all the way through top of production signoffs (called TOPs) with step by step guidance and tools. 

Source and negotiate first touchpoints with domestic and international factories like the professional serial entrepreneur you are. First time? Not to worry, best practices are outlined and templatized for you. 

Phase three is all about executing the sampling and prototyping process with proven processes, expert access, and decades of negotiating experience in your back pocket with one on one support to get you through it with momentum like a pro.

Welcome to the jungle. You've done the work, now it's time to meet your factory. 


phase 3


Execute your product photography, complete your brand identity and bring it all together with a Pre-Sell plan that won't only create buzz but will work to get you as close as possible to a break-even financial plan. 

Master the sales psychology of the Five Page Ecommerce Website, which is specially crafted for here product businesses, while you use our templates to craft perfect product descriptions. 

In the presentation phase you will have plenty of opportunity to outsource to your favorite design team each and every component of your visual brand identity. Or work within the program to use our tools. 

In this phase you will be working through all of the consumer facing assets of a product based business. Think website, branding, product descriptions and pre-sell pages. Here is your opportunity to tell the story visually.

This is where we take that vision of your brand and make it real. Real digital. 


phase 4


Close the program with a confirmed launch strategy and a clear understanding of how you will expand your product suite or variants over time in both styles and investment. 

Begin the path towards wholesale business by creating a wholesale linesheet and setting your brand up with domestic and international wholesaling platforms. Say "hello" distribution plan! 

Set up your shipping, reorder, and customer facing standard operating procedures with templatized and one on one support designed to take you from Novice to Pro in 4 weeks. 

In your final phase of Power Product you'll be working through mastering the back end necessities of your new business. This is where you become a true product biz founder as you secure your margin and supply chain. 

It's not over till you are shipping your first order. Let's work on that. 


phase 5

because I've used it countless times to help bold business owners launch world-changing products. I can’t wait to share it with you.

I know that this process works 

Then I used all of my knowledge and experience to design POWER PRODUCT for aspiring product founders just like you.

Hey there, I’m Alia, the founder of The Product Place, and I’m so excited about your interest in our POWER PRODUCT framework. I’ve worked in sourcing, merchandising, and developing products for luxury product brands for over 15 years. In pursuing my mission of helping innovative brands become profitable and powerful, I’ve mastered how to:

Differentiate new products from the existing marketplace — ensuring my clients never become “we do that, too!” brands selling the same products as their competitors.

Develop unique products specs and prototypes that both delight customers and protect intellectual property

Cultivate connections and secure partnerships with over 750+ manufacturers around the world

Negotiate, adapt, and align product-based businesses for realistic returns on investment and strong margin positioning.

We want The Product Place to be the one-stop shop for bold creatives, big dreamers, and impactful leaders who are ready to take the next step into product development.

I'm Alia Oneal!

i've been at this for a hot minute

katie davis | sad shop

"Working with The Product Place has been one of the best business choices I’ve ever made. The team at TPP makes my life so much easier. They help with nearly every aspect of my business, and I can’t recommend them highly enough. Hire The Product Place as soon as possible!

Here is how the program works



Momentum and encouragement so you launch as planned and no one else beats you to it! 

A built-in co-founder for the critical months of your business. 

Customized training on gaps in your product based business skill set, so you're always upleveling. 

Personalized feedback on your product idea from start to finish until you launch. 

You'll walk away with: 

Every two weeks you'll have an opportunity to have a one on one consulting session with Alia Oneal to discuss your tracked curriculum progress, or anything you like. Most of our founders use this time to bounce ideas around, get expert advice, or to even tune in on a new perspective. It's your time. 

one one one consultations w/ alia oneal

The tools for critical exercises like gross margin, competitive analysis, and purchase orders -- not because you can't build it on your own, but who has the time? 


Over 65 hours of content, but don't worry; built for established entreprenuers; lessons can be accessed on the go, and all remain under 15min in length. 

Each week we host a live optional lecture to discuss industry trends, important regional updates, and market analysis you need to know to stay on top of your game. 

Here you'll find:

Power Product is consistently being updated with multiple different formats of education. Included are topics like Patent Protection to building relationships with international manufacturers. The curriculum is delivered live, lecture style, each week as well of pre-recorded for the content you need to watch again and again. 

Core curriculum 


webiste copy drafts

factory selections

innovation ideas

product retail pricing

competitive analysis 

product mood boards

Negotiation reviews


What student's use this form for: 

Sometimes you just really need a second pair of eyes--we get it. We also get that not everything needs to be a Zoom, call or even a meeting. Meet, our friend, "The Feedback Form" a one and done submission that you can use at anytime to receive custom prerecorded Loom feedback within 48 hours. #magic. 

feedback form for 24/7 submission 

alia oneal

"I encourage everyone we meet with to take the program, even if you have 1M in funding --it's that good. 

... all the things you did not know you needed to master and a few you didn't know who to ask #wegotyou

The Five Page Ecomm Site 

Fulfillment of your product based business and troubleshooting

Understanding your Markdown Cadence (when to go on sale)

Negotiating Minimum Order Quantities on Cut and Sew Businesses

Percent to total analysis for packaging, production, and GWPs

Gross Margin for vertical product based businesses

Sourcing manufacturing partners using HTS and the NAICS databases

Minimum Viable Brand Theory Pyramid

How to understand true Saturation in product classes

The Business, technology and User Analysis

new content is added each week based on industry trends

Here are some of our students' favorite lectures


Marissa D. Wilson

I developed my brand name, aesthetic and target customer profile and completely stretched my small idea into a full fledged business. On top of that we re designed my bag and found a new manufacturer to get it done at an unbelievable price per unit. Nearly 80% less than what I was able to get on my own. I am preparing to launch this fall and I am incredibly excited

Because of The Product Place I can call myself a true founder

Their business name

Raving Reviewer

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Another that shows social proof of your program

Their business name

Raving Reviewer

Alumni testimonial. Game-changer to; inclusive inclusive natural resources shine white paper thought provoking systems thinking disrupt youth synergy. Because commitment her body her rights mass incarceration ecosystem. 

And yet another satisfied client for the win! 

premium products need a premium process...

When you apply, you’re saying “yes” to manufacturing a premium physical product that’s ready to launch in less than a year.

This exclusive opportunity includes:


$2500/ MONTH

Power Product:

Get the program— A $35,500 Value (aka the minimum investment price of doing all of this with our agency)

Exclusive Community​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ The best part of this entire program is the community that comes with it. Learn and collaborate with like minded people that face the same struggles and obstacles that you do. (Priceless!)

Product Photoshoot Includes one on site Product Photoshoot inclusive of 30 edited Images, and 6 Motion Short Clips (Gifs) (Value up to $2700)

Professionally developed Shopify Theme includes over 40 customizable pages to build a science backed Ecommerce website (Valued at $3500)

LIFETIME Membership to the program and access to the curriculum so you can revisit it anytime you need or want a refresher (Priceless!) 

24 weeks of personalized feedback on your progress to keep you accountable (valued at $2200) 

Bi-Weekly One on One Sessions so we can dive deep into your specific product development and keep up the momentum of your business (Valued at $1,200)

Weekly Live Lectures Join industry professionals and your coach Alia each week for core curriculum and industry updates super relevant to your development  (Valued at $150 per week)

100+ trainings and resources on ideation, branding, sourcing, production, ecommerce, and logistics (MBA in Products anyone?)

apply for power product now

So you’ve read it all and you’re ready to go. Love that for all of us.

Because POWER PRODUCT is so unique and highly exclusive, our onboarding process includes an application and interview before you’re accepted into the program. Here's how it works:

building a product is easier than ever

get started with Power Product

Submit our easy, no-strings-attached application. (Applying does not require an investment and it doesn’t mean you’re committing to anything!)

Our team will look it over and determine if POWER PRODUCT might be right for you.

We’ll schedule a time for you to talk with our founder and CEO, Alia Oneal, to ensure our curriculum will support your vision.

If we all decide to move forward, we’ll determine your timeline (from 6 to 12 months), invite you to our private app and education portal, and get this product party started with a personal one on one orientation. 

Pretty easy, right? So, whaddya say — are you ready to take the leap?

apply now

You're just plain not ready to take this step. And that's OK.

a product is not a strategic priority for you right now

You don’t have the appropriate level of funding for this type of venture, about $35,000 total

You want to repackage and dropship products

POWER PRODUCT likely won't be a good fit if...

You have additional funding beyond the program investment

You’ve never developed a product before

You’ve already started and managed at least one successful business

You are an established, high-achieving entrepreneur

POWER PRODUCT is for you if....

You’re ready to put in serious werk to make this major venture happen

You’re totally killing it in your current 9-5 or service-based business 

You already have a product-based business

You’ve never started and run your own business

to be completely honest, 

You want to start a brick and mortar boutique with multiple brands

We’re not saying you can’t apply if one or more of these pertain to you or your situation, but we think it’s important to be transparent about our goals for this program.

Let us show you how to master not only the entire process of development, but the innovation you need to be competitive. 

we're pros, are you?

E-Commerce fulfillment is the process of packing up orders that your customers place online and shipping it out to them. Once your product is ready to start selling we offer students of Power free onboarding to our Dallas distribution center.

What does fulfillment mean?

Well, it hasn't happened yet...but we totally understand. Building a product is a huge commitment, if after two months you decide that you are no longer interested in proceeding you can cancel your enrollment immediately. 

what if i find power product isn't a good fit?

At The Product Place we enlist the very best of the best for our clients, so if you already have a few aces in your pocket, we are happy to work with them through the process. We’re here to help, your team is welcome to go through the curriculum with us. Once you sign up, just reach out and we will get them set up.

What if I have someone on my team that I want to be involved?

Great question! Inside of the Power program we focus on a pre-selling model. That means that as soon as you have a viable product prototype, we will immediately photograph it and be sure you can start taking pre-sales. This can all happen as soon as Month 3, but typically around Month 5. The rest of your time in the program we will be refining your presentation, packaging, and negotiating your orders and the logistics of your business.

How soon will I be able to start selling my product?

Many times the idea you have will need refinement and innovation to make it even more powerful to the market. During your time in Power we will help you to improve on what you have for optimal launch success. Plus, because POWER PRODUCT is so unique and not a cookie cutter course, if you need more support in one area versus another you'll set that up in your first weeks during orientation. 

What if I only need a portion of the program?

Dedicated and creative, we are an enthusiastic team with experience across a wide range from couture fashion to teddy-bears. We specialize in consumer goods, like skincare lines and apparel brands. If it's something you can dream up, with focus and dedication the Power process will allow you to build it.

Please note that The Product Place does not offer App or software development...yet.

What Kind of product can power help me create

don't worry, we have the answers!

You Might have Some questions

Not seeing a "do-able" payment plan? Book a call-- let's discuss your budget and options. 

per month for siz months


6 month plan

per month for 12 months


12 month plan










It's time to add "product biz founder" to your bio line.